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Strategic Communication

Digital Transformation

Communication has never been more diverse, multi-faceted and relevant. The question of where to put a nail on which the whole strategy can be hung remains just as complex and critical.

Today the perspective is deceiving, nothing is as it seems

The temptation is great, simply to scream louder than the others. One struggles with the nervousness that a careful approach does not get traction fast enough and begins to work. So it’s better to get into activities and “do something” before it’s too late. But then comes the brand that’s courageous, perhaps patronized, and rises above the others. Astonished one finds out then that it would have worked perhaps nevertheless, if one had had had only some confidence in the consumers.

A question of point of view

Knowledge contradicts seeing

We know what’s going on in front of us. Yet our eyes tell our brain something else. Trust and courage are the only forces that bring us safely to our goal through such situations.

Independent or lonely?

Pursuers are suspended

Good communication follows a guiding theme. The entrepreneur must have the strength to make independent and therefore often lonely decisions. Internal and external communication interlock and send the same signals to all partners and customers (even if these are coded differently).