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Great teams

VHS New hall individual transport

Board of trustees for many of the contents at the reopening of the first newly built hall of the Swiss Museum of Transport in 50 years. Various teams are pulling together to shift the boundaries of the scenographic “storytelling”. Very proud to have been there!


BMW Schweiz F1

Through the eyes of the F1 pilot

At the exhibit – placed in a darkened and soundproofed room – only the original breathing of the racing driver corresponding to the track can be heard on the monitor. By pressing a button this breathing is replaced by the deafening sound of the engine. Impressive installation!


Advisory centre with playful approach

Find out what kind of road user you are, learn new things about accident statistics and learn to assess safety in mobility in general.


Tattoo Artist

Poster sites become event areas when Ruffkid decorates a subject with hand-drawn tattoos. The media team knows no bounds in the possibilities – and this very well also “offline”!

There’s still room for big feelings.

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