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Media “Telling”-Strategy

Sexy Excel

With “Digital” the media planner is (finally) at the table when the creative implementation of the campaign is developed. Today, media can deliver a lot when it comes to who gets what message, when and how. What is written in these messages, how the “connection moments” and “consumption moments” become relevant for the consumer; this is an exciting field for strategic planning, which develops stories and gives the media a “telling”.

As water grinds its way through stone …

… that’s how it is with the much shamed “mental availability”. As the Ehrenberg Bass Institute has been preaching since 2000, it is decisive what a person sees, how often and in many places. These findings seem to speak against “creative advertising”. However, this is not the case at the moment. On the contrary, a creative implementation reinforces the effect of consistent repetition in a wide variety of environments.

Context is King “where” gains in importance

Media is everywhere!

Just like Heineken with “Open your city” from the digital world of QR-Code, social and Hashtag reaches into the analogue world of roof terraces (Rooftopday) and advertises in places it can’t otherwise penetrate!

Media no Media

Connect everything with everything

Due to the digital channels the classical media has ceased to exist. Devices and platforms become part of the message and their correct choice already determines the success or failure of the measure.