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Strategy in advertising


Advertising has always been a special business. From “salesmanship in print” to the “astounding dramatization of a consumer benefit” have been attempts to grasp it – in vain!

Advertising agencies must learn new tricks and continue to fight for outstanding creativity!

It has always been a challenge for clients to write briefings that have been able to get the most out of the agency. With the digital side, this task became even more difficult. An improved error culture and long-term thinking can lead customer and agency to better results in a joint effort. We want to moderate these processes without being biased.

Web search: Humbug!


While many advertisers can endlessly deal with the question of whether advertising is art or science, Phineas T. Barnum has put an end to this by simply calling it “humbug”.


4th perspective

The customer says, "My product."

The customer has the tendency to argue from the viewpoint of himself (brand, product).

The account director says, "My client."

The account director focuses on the commercial success of the customer and his well-being.

The Creative Director says: "My Campaign"

The CD must defend the creative implementation, the idea against all attacks. Therefore, its main interest is the integrity of this idea.

The strategic planner says, "My end customer."

As the advocate of the “end buyer”, the planner sits down on the “other side” and looks at the overall solution through the eyes of the customer. This “page change” often makes his work unpleasant but all the more important.