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Irony of today’s media usage

Dynamo helps with a pinch of humor


Total availability but too little drive


Digital superpowers but no desire


Infinite choice but uncertain of one's own dreams

Maurizio Catelan

Where's the animal going to carry the TV? For whom and for what purpose?

The donkey is a well-known motif in art and cultural history. It is said that Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on a Palm Sunday. Cattelan reinterprets the traditional motif by loading the donkey with a TV. He uses it as a proxy for the modern media that shape our lives. The surprising combination of donkey and TV humorously invites reflection and can be understood as a tongue-in-cheek critique of our contemporary media consumption.

Maurizio Cattelan,
“If a Tree Falls in the Forest and There Is No One Around It, Does It Make a Sound?”

1998, Migros Collection Museum of Contemporary Art

Mojo: Dynamo

On the spot, when you need it!

Whenever we take ourselves and our projects a little too seriously, Dynamo shows up and puts things back in perspective. With a humorous and contemporary view of communication and media planning, the client always laughs best in the end.

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